The Malans of South Africa offer

Dear Malan family member,


Attached find the questionnaire if you have not completed it yet. I shall only include information received before 1 February 2018 in the genealogy.

Also attached are order forms for Die Malans van Suid-Afrika / The Malans of South Africa. Please note that the prepublication offer is only valid if you buy a set of four books. This offer is only valid for orders and payments received not later than 14 February 2018.

There is a separate order form if you would like to purchase the books later or if you would like to buy Volume I or Volumes I-III only.

Volumes II-IV consist of the genealogy of the Malan family in South Africa. All symbols used in the genealogy are explained in English, Afrikaans, German, French, Italian and Spanish. There is also a list of translations of Afrikaans, Dutch, German and French words used in the genealogy – mainly occupations, place names and names of farms.

Volume I consists of the history of the Malan family over 750 years in Italy, Europe and South Africa. At this stage it is available in Afrikaans only. Translation of the chapters about the European history of the Malans have already commenced. The problem, however, is the cost of translation. If the whole Volume I is translated into English the approximate cost is R80000. I have received requests for an English translation from 40 persons which means that the cost of translation will be R2000 per book which will have to be added to the printing cost!


Malan regards

Hercules Malan


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